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How the game works

Everyone gets a Bingo Card at the beginning of the night as well as a Game Card with 100 challenges ranging from the very easy to the almost-insane. Your Bingo Card will contain 25 random numbers in a 5x5 square grid, each one relating to one of the 75 challenges in your Game Card. Every Bingo Card is different, so there is no knowing which challenges you will get. Some are harder than others, but none are impossible!
Complete a line of 5 challenges, either in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, and you get a point. You can then trade in your points for shots, T-shirts, souvenirs and party tickets, but make sure you claim your prizes before we leave the 3rd bar and head to the club! The game ends when we enter the club, after which our staff will be switching to party mode and you can finally buy them that shot and boogie away until dawn!

Tips + Tricks

  • Circle your challenges in your Game Card at the beginning of the night so it’s easier to keep track of them as you’re playing the game (bring a pen if you can, otherwise you can borrow one from our staff)

  • Set up a strategy at the beginning of the night for which challenges you’re going to do in which order - this will help you get through them quicker and secure that boat party ticket.

  • Check if you can find 2 or more challenges you can complete in one go - for example “Give or receive a body shot” and “take a shot of palinka” can be done at the same time.
Flip me over to read your challenge
Make a human pyramid with at least 6 people from the pub crawl.

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