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Articles | 2018-03-14 -Andrew

Reasons Why You Should Pub Crawl on St. Patricks Day

The results are often mixed - those without a hardened liver might find themselves taking a nap on the pavement with a kebab box for a pillow a little earlier than expected, while even certified party people will probably find themselves vomiting green and remembering very little the next day.

If we’ve just adequately described you and your mate’s yearly endeavors, then why not make this one a little special with a trip to Budapest and an epic pub crawl on the big night itself.

There are many reasons to come to Budapest - too many to go into here - but when it comes to the Budapest Pub Crawl, it’s a right of passage and we know how to do them right.

No gentle starts

We take pregaming so seriously here, that we give it a cool sounding name - Power Hour. What’s that exactly? Well, for one hour, you’ll get the chance to drink all the beer and wine you want - and we mean it when we say unlimited. The key here is pacing yourself. Only idiots fall before they’ve even left the first bar - especially on such an important night.

No shortage of shots

We want to keep things rowdy throughout the night, and our fuel of choice for this is shots - which we’ll be handing out in generous quantities as we hop from bar to bar - and if you get a taste for them and want to try some more alongside your mandatory Guinness, then go ask the bar for some ‘palinka’. That’s the local moonshine that has a taste somewhere between drain cleaner and pure heaven.

No crap bars

Budapest has ruin pubs, which happen to be just about the coolest bars in the world. They live in abandoned buildings in the city’s old Jewish Quarter and have been creatively repurposed with scrap furniture and the work of local artists. Busy and buzzing every night of the week, we’ll be taking you to a few of the most famous so you can soak up their electric atmosphere. Expect to see a little more green in people’s outfits than normal and a pervasive Irish accent hanging in the air.

No boring guides

We should definitely take this chance to give a shout out to our team of guides. All lively lads and ladies who’ve lived in Budapest long enough to know where’s hot and where is definitely not any night of the week. They’re here to keep spirits high, keep the pub crawl moving and, as far as possible, to make sure you don’t make a bloody idiot of yourself. True heroes!

No end in sight

The nightlife in Budapest basically never ends and there are dozens of bars that literally never shut their doors, meaning it’s up to you to decide when to end the night. Your guide will need sleep at some point, but they’ll happily point you in the direction of said bars, or drop you off at a cool nightclub and usher you to the front of the queue.

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Articles | 2018-01-15 -Andrew

How to Have an Amazing Time on a Pub Crawl

For anyone on a backpacking adventure, the pub crawl is a sacred right of passage that never seems to get old no matter how many you go on. They are familiar things -  you and a bunch of strangers thrust together for one night of debauched fun. While they always tend to start the same way - endless beers and free shots - how they end is rarely remembered or even best forgotten.

Our Bingo Bar Crawl is a bit special - we set fun drinking challenges to foster teamwork and creativity and to help you feel a sense of achievement at the end of the evening. Nah, kidding, it’s all just a bit of banter really.

Here’s how to survive an evening with us:

Pace yourself

Yeh, yeh - we talk a big game about drinking, but there is an art to it. There is always one idiot on his way out before we’ve even left the first bar, and that guy never features in any of the cool stories about the night - and that’s just lame.

Our nights start with power hour - all you can drink beer, wine and sangria - so may we suggest a hearty meal involving something greasy before you come out with us. And as the night progresses, don’t forget, beer and wine is fine, but wine and beer, be in fear - or something like that, we can never really remember!

Get involved

Do the bloody challenges! It may sound a little daunting at the start, but we promise they aren’t crap at all - in fact, they are expertly designed to combine just the right amount of not taking oneself too seriously and ‘we can do this lads’ comradery with just a smattering of ‘you look like a bit of an idiot right now’.

Make friends with everyone

Every crawl has that one person - the one that’s friends with everyone and seems to move effortlessly between groups, inducing laughter and hearty back slaps wherever they go. Luckily booze and the fact that no one here knows about your embarrassing school years means that person can, if you want, be you.

If it helps, make up a stupid backstory for everyone you meet, upping the ante each time until someone calls you out on your bullshit and makes you neck a pint.

Go hard but don’t go home

Group mentality prevails on a pub crawl, but there always needs to be a leader, someone who keeps everyone focussed on having fun all night long. If that’s you then you’re in for a wild ride.

The pub crawl leads to a club, and for the most committed among you, seeing sunrise should be considered the ultimate achievement and the chance to wander the streets a little drunk while everyone gets ready for work. Just try not to fall asleep during brunch!

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Weekly Roundup! | 2018-01-05 -Lars

A Year in Review: BINGO LEGENDS

All great events have a yearly recap of the best bits and stand out moments. Movies have the Oscars, football has the Puskas awards, and I have a whole collection of embarrassing moments, some of which were caught on tape. Today we are going to introduce the first bingo run down. Not so much awards, but definitely a great collection of highlights.
Before the recap though, a big thank you to everyone over the last year. It's been a phenomenal experience. Firstly, PartyBookers Budapest has flourished this year and shown a massive increase in size, reputation, and fun. We have had well over 20,000 of you amazing people come party with us this year and partake in the carnage and festivity on all of our events. I'm pretty sure you're all the reason why Hungary is the 8th largest consumer of alcohol. With around 30 staff members over the past year making all this possible, we have enjoyed every minute with you all and have made some fantastic friends we still keep in touch with. Secondly, Bingo Bar Crawl and Budapest Boat Party continue to grow in popularity and are rapidly becoming widespread and renowned events. This is mainly due to the capability of providing for all sorts of people - stag do's, bachelorette parties, solo travelers and groups alike can all easily and readily partake in the fun. Thirdly, we have many new exciting events and announcements to reveal in the new year that will without a doubt please all you backpackers and weekend warriors - new and returning.
Without further ado, here’s the first annual Best Bits of Bingo Bar Crawl  (yeah, I’m sure there’s a better title out there, suggestions welcome).
Naughty Nudes
Everyone loves showing a cheeky bit of skin and we have had a whole lot of it over the year on bingo.
A thanks is well deserved by all the boys and girls who got their kits off for various reasons - showing off those nipple piercings or swapping clothes with someone being the consistent occurrence - you've all made the world a happier place.
Glitter has been an ever growing trend, but it was brought to to a new high by some English girls who did the whole crawl topless with nothing but glitter covering their nipples. Daring and shiny. Needless to say, they were centre of attention. Who knows what glittery madness will grace us next summer!
The great naked speech done by Lloyd will not be forgotten by the timid group who got more than they bargained for. Standing up in Retox with his worm between his legs yelling he had a sex change was a great show. But when he bent over to pull his pants up again, he gave a very open show to the girls behind him. They saw what I can only imagine looked like two prunes falling out of a black hole.
A medal should be awarded to all the courageous and determined few who ripped everything off in the middle of a bar to do a shot naked and finish their cards. Boys braved the cold to reveal all and win a the all you can drink boat party, and the girls, well, braved the cold made the world a happier place again. Not sure where you pin medals on naked humans though. Could medal nipple piercings become a thing?
And a last mention to the boys who raced around the Grandio courtyard fully starkers to the cheers of all onlookers. The cheers grew exceptionally loud when one poor fella didn't understand the concept of slowing down for a corner, lost a fight against physics, and slid into a wall. Losing the race, but remembered it the next morning with a graze gracing his whole thigh.

Above and Beyond
There are always those who go that extra step to outdo and standout. Drunken glory tastes as good as the liquid that brings it.
We had a rather acrobatic group that brought a whole new level of daring to the 6 person pyramid. Making a 4 level structure of 17 humans. Let it be known no one was hurt in the making of this wonder.
In many movies and shows, there’s a lacrosse team that start something interesting. Personally I’ve never understood it. Until we had our own movie moment. A Dutch lacrosse team were a rather lusty bunch. Instead of making out with someone for as long as you can hold your breath, they decided to collectively make out with the entirety of the crawl. Starting an incestuous 10 minutes of partner swapping and a lot of tongue dancing.
Then comes the night of the red nipples. Of all the challenges to get carried away on, somehow leaving lipstick marks around someone’s nipples was a wave that didn't stop growing. Lipstick was shared, nipples were marked, and the sight of people kissing each others chests all through the bar was rather amusing.
So an easy tip - go hard or go home!!
Bingo Record Breakers
Amongst the craziness and candor, we have had some impressive bingo records broken.
Quick mention to our English lad Jack who joined bingo 7 times during his stay here. Completing 3 of them, remembering only a few and winning the All You Can Drink boat party twice. Come back next year bro! And to everyone else - beat that.
Special mention to all you who participated in the monstrous bar crawl we had when tickets sold out the day before the event. We had to raise capacity to accommodate all you hardcore partiers and ended saying 'Screw it lets see how big this bad boy gets'. The answer is 188 Bingoers. That’s a lot of crazy challenges being done in bars that struggled to maintain the legendary event. Next years crawl will be next level - make sure you're there!
People who have met my mother say she's amazing. Which is true. She has tried to impart that on me growing up and taught me to be modest. However sometimes modesty slips, especially when it comes to a bit of harmless gloating when guests think they're rapidly completing challenges. I get to look them in the eye and say 'Well, considering I finished my Bingo card in 20 minutes. You may want to move faster'. So yes, I'm proud of my 20 minute escapade completing Bingo. And I would love to shake the hand of the legend who ends up trumping it. So get playing!
Not everyone ends up completing all of their challenges in the three hours we give them. Whether it's because they don't want to, or that they rather watch other people do challenges instead. There’s nothing wrong with that! But our manager Adam came through with an impressive 72 challenges over the three hours. That’s nearly three bingo cards. That record is going to be hard to beat.
Drunken Delinquents 
Bingo and drunken acts go hand in hand like a pulling your blindfolded friend on a skateboard. You don't know what the experience will be like but you know there’s going to be an amazing outcome regardless. 
Trumping the challenge of faking an argument is one guest who got so drunk and menacing we had to politely ask him to leave the group for the safety of others. He was later seen punching and having a very real argument with someone on the street. Well, more precisely, a face on a poster in the street (how this happened I have no idea).
Lloyd comes through with another strong entry, getting kicked out of Ankert when he climbed the tree attempting to steal a lamp shade. He managed to get the lampshade off, but didn't manage to stay in the tree. He fell 2 and a half metres to the floor brandishing his prize above his head as he stood - more beautiful than any movie moment. Until 2 security guards escorted him out.
I think a mention is also needed for the boys who put a wooden pallet in front of the toilet door of the cubicle I was in. This resulted in me needing to climb over while they were in fits of laughter. My climbing was luckily better than their mate who stupidly entered the same stall after, and not surprisingly, got locked in by a pallet. Whilst attempting to escape to freedom, he fell, breaking his fall by submerging his leg fully into the toilet. He then turned to brute force - breaking the toilet door down. What a liability.
Well that brings us to a wrap of the year. With many memories been forgotten, too frequent or too hard to write about. We hope to see you in the coming year. There are huge things ahead! I promise. Bingo bar crawl will continue to bloom and you’ll regret not being part of it! So stay tuned! Budapest is a must do on your travel list.
I leave you with wise words you will never remember or care about after 5 seconds.
"NO, I'm not going to give you a quote for your stupid blog. Nobody likes you." - My manager Chris, he’s adorable really. I’ll shave his beard off while he sleeps though – stay tuned.
So yeah, come along and show me some love with a great party. Bring on the New Year!!

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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-12-09 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 30 - Dec 2

Alright kids, in case you haven’t noticed, we have started December shenanigans. Here in Budapest, we embrace the snow for the coming festive season and invite you all to join in our hilarious challenges on Bingo Bar Crawl. What better way to spend your days closing in on Xmas by making friends, doing drunken feats and keeping yourself warm with a nice alcohol blanket.


So, if you’re planning on swinging by (which you should), please ensure you backpackers have included a sweatshirt or 3, and anyone on a stag do or hen’s night be certain you’ve packed gloves for everyone. We love partying in the snow as much as Santa does, but we want you to party with us every night – so no pulling out due the sniffles or man-flu. And the best part? You can be naughty or nice, you will win prizes regardless!


Though we do expect you guys to remember that we – the lovely workers in pink shirts- are there to help you. Not the group of guests who challenge you to drop a knee and down your drink in the middle of the road. Which means we (sexy pink shirts) must pull you out of the way of oncoming cars. Absolute liabilities. You won’t see any of the ruin bars from the hospital! Nor will you see them if you get bounced for being too drunk. Or sleeping in the bar. Or stealing shots. Some naughty people out who missed out on a good night. However, the good kind of naughty showed up with flying colours - really making the most of the dildos and ball gags we provide to sort the timid from the titans. Seeing girls strut around the club with a fake penis poking out from the trousers flirting with unknowing victims, a whole bachelorette party surrounding and spanking guys, and dirty dancing sets the mood for a great xxxmas bingo coming up.


Amongst the devils were a few angels that pulled through. An English trio performed a quickly put together performance of Backstreet Boys on stage to the Bride-to-be. Though the choreography was decidedly better than the singing (not that I can talk, my singing voice has been likened to a dying walrus – at least I rock the pink shirts, right?). Some good Samaritans donated all their coins to some cold homeless which received rewarding smiles (A little charity really makes it Christmas). And we had another Bingo Virginity popper!! One lucky lad who claims we hasn’t indulged in the ol’ naked bedroom wrestling was apparently taken care of by a lady friend that night. Christmas specials begun early this year!


So, if you want to get amongst our Christmas craziness you still have a few more weeks, and we are just getting started in the charging build up. A few times a week, free shots, unlimited beer wine and sangria for an hour, and challenges your friends will be jealous they missed await you here in Budapest. 


“Time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time” – Catherine Zaldonella


We will make sure your holidays are not wasted.


Happy Holidays from PartyBookers Budapest you animals.

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Articles | 2017-12-05 -Andrew

Budapest Pub Crawl People


The one with all the wristbands

His or her arms will be barely visible for all the aging and tatty wristbands that cover them. They want you to know that they were cool enough for their parents to buy them a ticket to go to Coachella and that they’ve been staying at every single top 10 rated Hostelworld hostel along the way on their ‘Eat Love Somebody Else Pay’, discovering themselves, off-the-beaten-track-then-quickly-back-on-it-again, trip around Europe.

Tonight they’re going woo loudly, fist pump and get unnaturally excited when Arctic Monkeys inevitably and ironically gets played. They’ll probably win at all the challenges as well.

The absolute bloody lads

It’s those Brits again. Fudging up other people’s countries and cultures since before the time of Jesus, but doing it in such a charming and posh-mannered way that you feel somehow privileged to be at the mercy of their mayhem.

Set a challenge and the Brits can be trusted to take things to the extreme, completing all of them with the maximum allowed amount of banter before proceeding to get absolutely crap faced.

The guy that goes home with a girl in the first hour

He’s everything you’re not. Tall, handsome - Scandinavian probably - and he’s got more money in his bank account that you’ve got on your mum’s emergency credit card. To be short, he was always going to mop up with the ladies and leave you guys in the dust.

And he’s doing that right now, chatting up that lovely girl you tried talking to in the dorms earlier except she yawned slightly and made an excuse about needing to call her mum while you were trying to tell her all about this time you once saw this cool GoT meme on Reddit.

Oh look at that, they’re making out, while he seamlessly punches the hostel address into Uber (or Taxify, since Uber is illegal in Hungary). Damn, this guy is smooth.

The mean girls

Armed with a vodka soda that they’ll be nursing all night, and an icy smirk that keeps even the bravest of folk from attempting uninvited small talk, none of these mean girls is quite sure why they’re here or who’s idea it was to come.

They’re pretty harmless, though, unless your idiocracy catches their eyes, and if you do manage to break the ice, you’ll spend the rest of your evening walking around like a rockstar with an entourage.

The one guy that takes all the challenges VERY seriously

We did mention the challenges right? We’ve got those so this doesn’t end up like every other lame pub crawl you’ve ever been on. But yes, we know, sometimes you’ve got more important stuff going on, like your seventh Jager shot, holding in a piss, or hitting on that girl that’s definitely going home with the other guy.

But to you - the one that stoically takes every challenge and aces it - we salute you. We see you grimacing as you try to hold up five other drunks in a pyramid. We see you gagging as you mission through yet another beer from a shoe, and you bet we see you planking on the floor while everyone else looks on at you like an idiot.

The staff

Lest we forget the captains of the show. They provide the challenges, guide you from one boozy place to another, and generally ensure that your debauched antics don’t land you in hospital or in a prison cell. Spare a thought for them - punishing their liver is their night job and they do it faithfully.

Tell them that one cool thing you saw in a hostel once - chances are they’ve heard it before, but they’ll still laugh and pat you assuredly on the back like their new favourite person.

Maybe let them off that last shot though as they’ve probably got to be back on the hostel front desk at some ungodly hour yet to come.

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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-29 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 25

November in Europe has a lot of uncertainties.  It's in between seasons. Some leaves have fallen, others still cling on. Some people set up Christmas decorations accompanied by songs, others wait until December. The temperature starts to fall below freezing and it won't even snow - what's the point of it being that cold and it doesn't snow? Your body starts to prepare for the icicles hanging from your nose, and the relentless sneezing that follows. But there are two things I'm very certain about! (And no, it is not that a sneeze is an eighth of an orgasm, so if you sneeze 8 times you just orgasmed. That's immature.) Firstly, the holidays are right around the corner! And secondly, that Bingo Bar Crawl runs all year long and the crazy fun never stops - and this last week in November is no different. We've had travelers, students, and a few weekend warriors, join us in our hilarious, challenge-filled pub crawl here in Budapest. 
A common thought of Bingo players before it all begins is 'Oh God, I can't do all of these challenges'. Once the game has started, they realise they can, and they don't hold back. It's always so satisfying watching people leave their comfort zone (obviously an hour of unlimited beer, wine, and sangria really does help.) Even more so when their jaw drops as we tell them we've completed every challenge multiple times - they think we're fearless! (The reality is more that we are shameless. Don't tell our parents.) Now the majority of the challenges are not hard at all, they would've been removed if they were. But the pre-game jitters always rustle a few bones. So I would like to shout out to our new staff members who braved the game and ticked off the hardest. Watching the newbies fearlessly snort the salt and cry lemon juice for their tequila suicide, or receive a nice shower of water courtesy of the bar tenders is an amusing sight for us hardened old timers - it's a bit cruel for us to ask guests to do something we won't do ourselves isn't it. So you're not alone Bingo-ers, we've been through it all.
Actually, we are there more than you know. Not in a creepy way! But you can nearly always guarantee that when you join us on bingo, one of your fellow crawlers is a staff member having fun on their night off. It's as much fun for us as it is for you - maybe even more so as we know the challenges and it can be fun helping, competing against, and messing with guests. One girl had to ask two people for a threesome for her challenge, and unknowingly chose two staff members who played along and wound the poor girl up. She broke, spluttered out something about a 'dare book' telling her to do it and walked away blushing. Another cocky lass challenged a staff member in a boat race, swallowed an ice cube and fell over. Some people just can't handle competition. Her cousin nearly had a better night, but unfortunately got too excited and danced her pants off. Well, more accurately, danced so hard she put a massive rip through the back of them. It has to be mentioned that she took it like a champ and continued to party all night anyway.
Anybody wondering what to do for their winter holiday. Budapest should be at the top of your list. This amazing city really comes to life over the Christmas month, and our bar crawls are no different! Run through a bar pretending to be the Christmas unicorn, or pretend to be Santa's naughty elf. Bingo Bar Crawl will be alive, lively and busy, but waiting for you to join and get weird with us!

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Articles | 2017-11-21 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 16 - 19

Welcome back to the weekly wind down of what’s been whipped up last week on Bingo Bar Crawl. If you’re unfamiliar with this crazy crawl through the heart of Budapest’s party district, you may be a bit confused. Is it game? Is it a bar crawl? Do the staff members wear sexy pink shirts? The answer is yes. To all three (I know you’re jealous of the shirts). We turn a bar crawl into a drinking game, where the more challenges you do, the more prizes you win. The added bonus: if you don’t want to do the challenges, you’re still guaranteed to make friends and get drunk.

And drunkenness there was aplenty this week. Challenges, 11, 16, 23, and 97 all require a shot to be taken. Whether it’s the bar’s strongest nectar or a shot of Unicum, there are various tasteful choices to send down your throat, and crawlers handled it like champions! Big mention to our little English lass who put away a shot of absinthe, 72% Tatratea and Palinka one after the other, 30 minutes after the power hour of unlimited drinks ended. With no vomit, and only a slight flinch. On the other hand, we had our mate Tom, who took a shot of absinthe, went off to vomit, forgot that he had completed the challenge, and so bought another shot and downed it! Proper commitment that.

Thinking back, drunken forgetfulness has been a key occurrence in this week’s showcase. We’ve had multiple people misplace their game card. In one such case, a lad sat on a table, flipping it and throwing himself and drinks everywhere. His mate, in true form, gave him a good teasing about it – only to sit down on a table afterwards and repeat the act with near perfect imitation. One guest did the nice thing and remembered to return a shot glass to a bar - the only problem was he returned it the totally wrong bar two hours later. And now for the runner up of the week: a staff challenge, which entailed bringing back a shoe, a jacket and a top from three different people. This really confused one poor guest who returned a minute later with a jacket and two guys, happily stating “They’re both from America.” Apparently she had forgotten the challenge straight away and improvised.

However, the winner of the week goes to our guest who, in good sporting fashion, ate his whole bingo card, (as opposed to just a bite), as his final challenge. He won the free All-You-Can-Drink Boat Party, which is the prize for any legends who finish. But the look of horror on his face when he ran around helplessly looking for his lost bingo card, nearly in tears, as he wanted to finish his final challenges but had ‘lost his card,’ was the true highlight of the night.

Other honorable mentions this week include the beautifully done impression of David Attenborough narrating the ‘mating ritual’ of a poor staff member merely going about their work.  One British boy drunkenly misread the tequila suicide challenge as a tequila sunrise challenge – those are two very, VERY different things. His punishment for finishing the tequila sunrise, due to said misreading, was a fair sentencing to suffer a tequila suicide. And finally, to our winners this week of t-shirts, shots and free parties: well done troops.

Because in the eternal words of many partiers –

“When life hands you lemons, bust out the salt and tequila!”.

And it's fully up to you whether you take it normally, or if you snort the salt and moisten your eyes with lemons. The key factors are that you have a good night with us and your fellow bingo players, remember as much as you can, and party the night away.

Love you all! And have a drink for us.

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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-14 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 9 - 12

I hope you have all had a great week of sinking pints by the dozen, accompanied by a casual but rewarding bottle of vino. Now that you’re thinking about alcohol, why not raid the fridge and quench that thirst that water just doesn’t quite nourish, and enjoy this weeks update of Bingo Bar Crawl.

This week has brought us some amazing groups who were definitely not shy about leaving their comfort zones and the rewards paid off! Of the three crawl groups, we have had four people win tickets to the ‘ALL you can drink’ Budapest Boat Party – done by completing all 25 challenges on their bingo cards – LEGENDS! On top of that, Saturday night was mayhem with more than 13 people on the crawl completing three lines on their card (over half the challenges), and three lines = three tokens = a free t-shirt. I hope they remember winning them (those of you who have played will agree with me – I doubt they remember. You’ve all been there).

Sunday night gave us a lovely group of English girls who very quickly brought out their fun-loving, wild side, and powered through the challenges and brought their own energy to bingo. Not only that, they helped initiate a creative way to complete challenge 12 - take a photo with ten people on the crawl – and we are keeping this on board for the future. Introducing … *global drum roll from all you at home please (don’t spill your elixir. I mean alcohol.)* … BUMS OUT FOR BINGO! Yes, you’ve guessed correct, get those cheeks out for a delectable snap of the kind of buns we all love. They then proceeded to flash everyone in the bar. Resulting in our shy guests who weren’t confident enough to complete challenge 77 (find someone with a nipple ring), sprinting to staff members to get it signed off. There was no encore unfortunately.

Now, getting more personal than tits out for the bar. My favourite challenge to this day remains challenge 70. Swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex for an hour. It’s brilliant. It’s entertaining. It encourages interacting. It’s awkward. And it can be very arousing. I mean amusing. Shit. Let’s pretend that never happened. Over the months I’ve had to swap tops with many girls, and for you guys out there intending to play or revisit the game, I have advice. I’ve worn crop tops, dresses, boob tubes and skirts (and though people laughed at me, I swear it’s because they wish they worked it as well as I did). But I have discovered the delicate touch on the skin that silky, open tops provide. So guys, when you have to swap clothes with a girl, hope for the breezy soft fabric that caresses the skin and allows fresh air to rejuvenate your soul (was that too descriptive?). Please bare in mind, shirt swapping is consensual and please don’t ruin each other's garments despite how physically pleasing they may be. Try it yourself and let me know. Otherwise, have no fear – wearing any form of girls clothing is going to be a lively, fun time, and will ultimately complete the challenge and earn yourself brownie points (or a shot). My advice for girls – you all look hot in guys clothing – it’s an unspoken global understanding. So embrace, enjoy and own it.

The people we have met this week has really given us a feel for why we love the job we do. We had a psychology professor celebrating her 40th birthday (let’s all have a drink to that!!), we’ve had university students, a stag group, doctors that cure cancer, solo travelers and groups – all who have time and had no problems embarrassing themselves, making friends, and drinking to a great time. The unity they show, and the willingness to enjoy a collective display of intoxication, is heartwarming and really brings people together. So a shout out to all past bingo players – thank you for keeping it interesting. And a shout out to all you future players – there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of embarrassment, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

And to leave you with a quote from a wise man Francis Fitzgerald –

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drinks takes you”

….and then you win Bingo!!

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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-09 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 2 -5

Bingo Bar Crawl is a step forward in the bar crawl industry – giving out game booklets with 100 different challenges. The more challenges you do, the more friends you make, and the more prizes you win. Revolutionary! But we’ve taken it a slight step further and enhanced it beautifully with a simple, kinky addition of… swallow whatever is in your mouth right now as we don’t want wet electronics… Sex Toys!! Now that’s a good bar crawl. DISCLAIMER: Sex toys are not inserted into any body parts. So settle down wild child. To those of you sighing in disappointment, head out of the gutter please. Because no one can deny that watching someone run around a bar with a dildo stuck on their foreheads yelling “I’m a unicorn” is hilarious.

So yes, ladies, gentlemen, and bingo legends, this week was definitely the week of the dildo. Really sorts the big league winners from the middle tier players. Not to worry! If you can’t conduct an interview with a stranger using the dildo as a microphone, we still have plenty of other staff challenges for you, that hasn’t changed. However, the pleasure you get when you manage to put a smile on a bartender's face as you order a drink with the dildo plastered on your head, is rewarding enough as it is. Though the pleasure of having a dildo slapped across your face by your best mate, doesn’t have a leg to stand on compared to the pleasure of being the slapper. Especially when the dildo leaves a nice cock length red mark on your cheek. (Sorry about the challenge Tom, and you’re welcome Sarah).

Speaking of dildos. Quick shout out to our blue-haired, mermaid-looking staff member Mollie, (no, I’m not calling you a dildo, Mollie!), who was rather unnecessarily pushed into a bush on the crawl by a guest (dildo). Hope your dignity is restored Mollie. Also sorry that I missed it happen, might have to do it myself next time – you dildo (Mollie).

Continuing the topic of sex, we allow you eager partiers to show us videos and photos of challenges so we can cross them off. It’s sometimes easier and sometimes you want the memories on your phone – though you may delete them the next day, sober. But please take note of how many photos you are meaning to show us when you swipe through them! The naked truth is that was a staff member was rather startled when shown one swipe too many and saw a lot more than they were expecting!

Last little message before I sign out for this week. We love you all. We do. And after a crawl we enjoy talking to you all the next day and helping you piece together the end of the night! As after the crawl everyone does their own thing and we want to know what you did. There’s never a dull moment that follows our question of ‘How was your night?’. Standard responses range from “I got laid”, to “yeah, I vomited and don’t remember how I got home”. The general consensus being they had a great night. But our welsh lads really took the cake this week when two of the group woke up, no recollection of the night, and couldn’t find two of their boys anywhere. Now, I’ve been told no one knows what actually happened, and there were rumours flying around. But the end result was a phone call from the police station saying they had two welsh boys locked up overnight and needed help getting out. So everyone, please be responsible!

Anyhow. Fill up your drinks again, enjoy your morning commute, your lunch break, or your pregame -whatever you’re up to, and remember the eternal words spoken by a great man –

“I drink to make other people more interesting” – Ernest Hemingway,

and words spoken by a man not so great, (but my mum thinks I am),

“Let’s go get fucked up” – myself.

Bye bye gorgeous people!



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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-03 -Lars Roschman

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: October 26th - October 29th

PSA to all you banging Bingo Bar Crawl bashers.

Whether you’re a past, present, or a future hopeful guest, we at PartyBookers Budapest are pleased to announce a weekly rundown of the bar crawl shenanigans that ensued.


For those who are unfortunate enough to not know of the best bar crawl in the party capital of Europe – allow me to open your mind to a new world of bar crawls. Everyone loves drinking games to wet the throats and stimulate the brain (I think alcohol stimulates the brain? It must be good somehow. I think I read somewhere it does, but I don’t remember, I was drunk.) Its standard etiquette we all live by. However, we’ve turned the entire bar crawl into a drinking game. The perfect marriage for drinking, right!? The Idea of the game is to do as many fun, friendly, crazy and embarrassing challenges as you can over three bars. The more challenges you do, the more prizes you win. So if you want more free shots, or memorable t-shirts or even a free all you can drink Boat Party – get crazy and go hard.


As usual, this week’s bar crawls started off in the best way possible – the option of 1 hour of unlimited beer, wine and sangria. And we mean unlimited. With open access to the world's best social lubricant, coupled with staff encouraging you to do the drunk, crazy things you don’t want your parents to know about, it can only result in good times (if you remember them). Once the hour is up, do not panic, free shots are given at every place we visit, we can’t have you going sober now can we! As the nature of the crawl is to get everyone interacting and on a favourable point of the scale of intoxication, it’s bound to get messy and crazy.


You learn a lot about yourself and the world when you travel, we all know the feeling, it’s eye opening. And part of the experience is partying with strangers and having a great time. Partying while travelling will teach you lessons. And few lessons were definitely learnt this week.

For example, when you are finishing a drink while doing a handstand (challenge 92), take note of where you’ve put your phone. Our British friend made a perfect landing on his screen and shattered it – 3/10 for execution, 10/10 for stupidity. The colour drained from his face faster than he downed his drink that’s for sure! But well done for completing the challenge.


I learnt a personal lesson. That each person responds differently when someone jokes about how drunk they are. From experience, a typical response is a quick denial (sometimes drunkenly slurred) followed by a swift one fingered salute. A rather new response was witnessed when one of the sheilas on the crawl yelled ‘if I was drunk, would I be able to piggyback?’, while running at her friend and attempting to execute said piggyback. I had two problems with this. Firstly, how would getting your friend to transport you on her back prove you’re not drunk? I love alcohol fuelled logic. Secondly, they both STACKED IT, and I wasn’t allowed to laugh until I made sure they were both fine. They were, but I think the dignity took a solid hit, which they recovered from 5 minutes later with a free shot. Keep on gaming!


Onto some positives. Well done to the two crazy cats who finished their 25 challenges and subsequently winning bingo. Both champions finished in style – with markings on their face, drinks in their belly, and no recollection of how the night ended. Standard. A big shout out  for all the staff, working or not, for showing up fully decked out in dope Halloween attire and face paint. I felt slightly sorry for some of the guests with challenge 99 (lick a staff members face and say it tastes like daddy’s semen) as they may have had to lap up some fake blood and face paint, however it’s nothing a quick chaser won’t solve. And lastly, well done bingo-ers for listening to us and not being too loud on the streets. We’ve gone another week without angry old ladies yelling at us from their window, so that's a plus. Granted that's probably because it's cold as hell and their windows are all closed, but it’s always nice to respect the locals and the country you’re partying in.


I hope that you all have enjoyed reading and reminiscing about your own bingo crawls – or for you bingo babies, you’re looking forward to your own upcoming night of calamity. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of winter madness and guaranteed crazier stories of our favourite bar crawl.

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