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It’s not just a pub crawl…
it’s a party game, where friends
and memories are made.
Come and play!

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What makes our pub crawl special

The game

Forget everything you think you know about pub crawls, this one is different from any you’ve ever been on. The game that we have created for you involves completing 25 challenges throughout the night (out of a possible 75) that are guaranteed to help you have a good time. They’re designed to make it easy to meet your fellow pub crawlers and work together to win prizes by doing silly and hilarious things that will keep you laughing all night long. There’s no way you won’t leave with a new friend or ten, as well as some great photos and videos from the night! If you want to know more about how the game works you can read about it here...

Local Guides

Our pub crawl guides are experts in creating a good vibe and will be with the group every step of the way, ensuring everyone is staying safe and getting involved in the fun!
These local and international party captains will be taking you from bar to bar, marking off your challenges and may even become your new best friend by the end of the night.
The bars you will be visiting will be some of the most unique and cool ruin bars in the city, and at the end of the night we will take you to the biggest and most famous ruin club in the world.

What’s included?

All tickets include free skip-the-line entry to 3 ruin bars and 1 ruin club, a Bingo game card and the opportunity to win loads of prizes, including more free shots, T-shirts and even a free boat party ticket!
Our party staff will also be there to help you with anything you need throughout the night.
If you add the open bar (which we highly recommend), you will receive 90 minutes of unlimited beer, wine and spirit + mixers in the first bar. After the first bar, you will have to pay for all of your drinks in the following places (except for your free shots of course!)

Check out some pictures of our bar crawls!

More info to have an awesome night

How it works

Everyone gets a Bingo Card at the beginning of the night as well as a Game Card with 75 challenges ranging from the very easy to the almost-insane. Your Bingo Card will contain 25 random numbers in a square grid, each one relating to one of the challenges in your Game Card.
Complete a line of 5 challenges, either in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, and you get a point. You can then trade in your points for shots, T-shirts and souvenirs. Every Bingo Card is different, so there is no knowing which challenges you will get! Some are harder than others, but none are impossible

Learn more about our bar games

What can I win?

You can trade in the tokens you get after every line of 5 challenges you complete and get the following prizes:

1 token: Bottle opener OR lighter
2 tokens: Beer coozie
3 tokens: Drawstring backpack
4 tokens: T-shirt

The first person to finish all 25 challenges will receive a FREE ticket to the next Budapest Boat Party (or any other event organised by PartyBookers Budapest)!

Stay safe

Although we’re always down for a good time, we want to make sure that you’re safe! Here are a few tips to help you stay out of trouble...
1) Drink responsibly and know your limits! 2) The crawl ends as soon as we enter the club - make sure you know where you are staying and how to get home. 3) Only ever take taxis that have a company logo on the car door, and make sure the meter is running. 4) Do NOT buy anything off a guy in the street. 5) Try to keep the noise down while walking between bars. We want to respect the locals living in the neighborhood. 6) Most importantly: if you need help at any point during the crawl, don’t hesitate to ask our staff.

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Bar crawl: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays



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Meeting point

Meet at 8:30 PM at Hoff House

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

 Hoff House, Nagymező u. 40, 1065 Budapest

Look for these people

Our guides will be waiting for you in these black shirts with blue lanyards!


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