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Reasons to Visit Budapest in Winter

Articles | 2019-02-18 -James

Budapest is an idyllic fun-fuelled city, and during the Summer months it’s packed with travellers looking for nothing but drunken revelry and good times - but what’s that? You’ve found yourself here during Winter? Fear not, Budapest is a year-round non-stop champion destination, and this guide will give you all the information you need to have a blast during the less rowdy months of the year. From soothing thermal spas to boisterous boat parties, we gotcha covered for things to do in this wonderful city!


Fancy getting your skates on at the largest ice skating rink in Europe? Then check out the Városligeti Műjégpálya, located just next to heroes park. Constructed in 1870, an impressive 12,000 square meters of ice provides a delightful way to take advantage of the cold weather. Open for as long as the ice stays frozen, this is a must see for any cold weather-loving backpackers. And if you’re feeling adventurous but haven’t skated before, lessons are on offer for the bargain price of 800 Huf! Open from 9-1, and 4-8, this is a must see for all travellers coming to Budapest.


A boat party is the ultimate way to see the city at night, don’t be put off by the chilly Budapestian vibes! The boat is indoors and heated, and comes with a DJ and all-you-can-drink alcohol! Truly the most fun you’ll have on water, this two hour shindig is not one to be missed. Cruising along the river Danube past the Parliament building whilst necking pints might not be something you tell your mum about - but you’ll be dying to show off your pics to all your mates back home. This fiesta also includes entry to one of the best clubs in the city (afterparty anyone?), and you’re guaranteed to meet fellow travellers who want nothing more than to get trashed and boogie the night away. 


Had a bit too much to drink last night and looking for a way to ease that hangover? Budapest comes with a built in hangover cure that puts a full english breakfast to shame. The largest medicinal bath in Europe, found at Széchenyi spa, will quickly put you back on your feet and get you ready for another night on the lash. The water is pumped straight from two thermal springs, and hovers between 74 and 77 °C - perfect for ridding your body of any toxins you might have ingested. With classical Baroque revival architecture offering your eyes a beautiful scene, all your senses will be scintillated - pleasure seekers welcome. 

For an even more titillating experience, book a ticket to Sparty, the only bath party in Budapest! Party the night away in the gorgeous Széchenyi thermal baths, complete with music and light shows.


Perhaps the quintessence of drinking culture in Budapest, the ruin bars can be found all over the city centre and are well worth a visit. The original ruin pub, Szimpla, is a sprawling maze of quirky and interesting rooms spanning over multiple floors, with lots of cozy corners to tuck yourself away in with a pint of delicious cherry beer (highly recommended) or whatever tipple takes your fancy. Live DJ’s and music acts are a standard feature nearly every night of the week, and a restaurant upstairs serves some wholesome, tasty food. A wonderful way to escape the cold outside and make some memories. 

But Szimpla is just the most famou ruin pub - not the only one. Make sure you explore around the 7th district to find cute and quirky ruin bars. You’ll never get bored of drinking, especially since every bar has its own unique style and history. 


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