How to Have an Amazing Time on a Pub Crawl

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For anyone on a backpacking adventure, the pub crawl is a sacred right of passage that never seems to get old no matter how many you go on. They are familiar things -  you and a bunch of strangers thrust together for one night of debauched fun. While they always tend to start the same way - endless beers and free shots - how they end is rarely remembered or even best forgotten.

Our Bingo Bar Crawl is a bit special - we set fun drinking challenges to foster teamwork and creativity and to help you feel a sense of achievement at the end of the evening. Nah, kidding, it’s all just a bit of banter really.

Here’s how to survive an evening with us:

Pace yourself

Yeh, yeh - we talk a big game about drinking, but there is an art to it. There is always one idiot on his way out before we’ve even left the first bar, and that guy never features in any of the cool stories about the night - and that’s just lame.

Our nights start with power hour - all you can drink beer, wine and sangria - so may we suggest a hearty meal involving something greasy before you come out with us. And as the night progresses, don’t forget, beer and wine is fine, but wine and beer, be in fear - or something like that, we can never really remember!

Get involved

Do the bloody challenges! It may sound a little daunting at the start, but we promise they aren’t crap at all - in fact, they are expertly designed to combine just the right amount of not taking oneself too seriously and ‘we can do this lads’ comradery with just a smattering of ‘you look like a bit of an idiot right now’.

Make friends with everyone

Every crawl has that one person - the one that’s friends with everyone and seems to move effortlessly between groups, inducing laughter and hearty back slaps wherever they go. Luckily booze and the fact that no one here knows about your embarrassing school years means that person can, if you want, be you.

If it helps, make up a stupid backstory for everyone you meet, upping the ante each time until someone calls you out on your bullshit and makes you neck a pint.

Go hard but don’t go home

Group mentality prevails on a pub crawl, but there always needs to be a leader, someone who keeps everyone focussed on having fun all night long. If that’s you then you’re in for a wild ride.

The pub crawl leads to a club, and for the most committed among you, seeing sunrise should be considered the ultimate achievement and the chance to wander the streets a little drunk while everyone gets ready for work. Just try not to fall asleep during brunch!


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Reasons Why You Should Pub Crawl on St. Patricks Day

The results are often mixed - those without a hardened liver might find themselves taking a nap on the pavement with a kebab box for a pillow a little earlier than expected, while even certified party people will probably find themselves vomiting green and remembering very little the next day.

If we’ve just adequately described you and your mate’s yearly endeavors, then why not make this one a little special with a trip to Budapest and an epic pub crawl on the big night itself.

There are many reasons to come to Budapest - too many to go into here - but when it comes to the Budapest Pub Crawl, it’s a right of passage and we know how to do them right.

No gentle starts

We take pregaming so seriously here, that we give it a cool sounding name - Power Hour. What’s that exactly? Well, for one hour, you’ll get the chance to drink all the beer and wine you want - and we mean it when we say unlimited. The key here is pacing yourself. Only idiots fall before they’ve even left the first bar - especially on such an important night.

No shortage of shots

We want to keep things rowdy throughout the night, and our fuel of choice for this is shots - which we’ll be handing out in generous quantities as we hop from bar to bar - and if you get a taste for them and want to try some more alongside your mandatory Guinness, then go ask the bar for some ‘palinka’. That’s the local moonshine that has a taste somewhere between drain cleaner and pure heaven.

No crap bars

Budapest has ruin pubs, which happen to be just about the coolest bars in the world. They live in abandoned buildings in the city’s old Jewish Quarter and have been creatively repurposed with scrap furniture and the work of local artists. Busy and buzzing every night of the week, we’ll be taking you to a few of the most famous so you can soak up their electric atmosphere. Expect to see a little more green in people’s outfits than normal and a pervasive Irish accent hanging in the air.

No boring guides

We should definitely take this chance to give a shout out to our team of guides. All lively lads and ladies who’ve lived in Budapest long enough to know where’s hot and where is definitely not any night of the week. They’re here to keep spirits high, keep the pub crawl moving and, as far as possible, to make sure you don’t make a bloody idiot of yourself. True heroes!

No end in sight

The nightlife in Budapest basically never ends and there are dozens of bars that literally never shut their doors, meaning it’s up to you to decide when to end the night. Your guide will need sleep at some point, but they’ll happily point you in the direction of said bars, or drop you off at a cool nightclub and usher you to the front of the queue.


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Budapest Pub Crawl People


The one with all the wristbands

His or her arms will be barely visible for all the aging and tatty wristbands that cover them. They want you to know that they were cool enough for their parents to buy them a ticket to go to Coachella and that they’ve been staying at every single top 10 rated Hostelworld hostel along the way on their ‘Eat Love Somebody Else Pay’, discovering themselves, off-the-beaten-track-then-quickly-back-on-it-again, trip around Europe.

Tonight they’re going woo loudly, fist pump and get unnaturally excited when Arctic Monkeys inevitably and ironically gets played. They’ll probably win at all the challenges as well.

The absolute bloody lads

It’s those Brits again. Fudging up other people’s countries and cultures since before the time of Jesus, but doing it in such a charming and posh-mannered way that you feel somehow privileged to be at the mercy of their mayhem.

Set a challenge and the Brits can be trusted to take things to the extreme, completing all of them with the maximum allowed amount of banter before proceeding to get absolutely crap faced.

The guy that goes home with a girl in the first hour

He’s everything you’re not. Tall, handsome - Scandinavian probably - and he’s got more money in his bank account that you’ve got on your mum’s emergency credit card. To be short, he was always going to mop up with the ladies and leave you guys in the dust.

And he’s doing that right now, chatting up that lovely girl you tried talking to in the dorms earlier except she yawned slightly and made an excuse about needing to call her mum while you were trying to tell her all about this time you once saw this cool GoT meme on Reddit.

Oh look at that, they’re making out, while he seamlessly punches the hostel address into Uber (or Taxify, since Uber is illegal in Hungary). Damn, this guy is smooth.

The mean girls

Armed with a vodka soda that they’ll be nursing all night, and an icy smirk that keeps even the bravest of folk from attempting uninvited small talk, none of these mean girls is quite sure why they’re here or who’s idea it was to come.

They’re pretty harmless, though, unless your idiocracy catches their eyes, and if you do manage to break the ice, you’ll spend the rest of your evening walking around like a rockstar with an entourage.

The one guy that takes all the challenges VERY seriously

We did mention the challenges right? We’ve got those so this doesn’t end up like every other lame pub crawl you’ve ever been on. But yes, we know, sometimes you’ve got more important stuff going on, like your seventh Jager shot, holding in a piss, or hitting on that girl that’s definitely going home with the other guy.

But to you - the one that stoically takes every challenge and aces it - we salute you. We see you grimacing as you try to hold up five other drunks in a pyramid. We see you gagging as you mission through yet another beer from a shoe, and you bet we see you planking on the floor while everyone else looks on at you like an idiot.

The staff

Lest we forget the captains of the show. They provide the challenges, guide you from one boozy place to another, and generally ensure that your debauched antics don’t land you in hospital or in a prison cell. Spare a thought for them - punishing their liver is their night job and they do it faithfully.

Tell them that one cool thing you saw in a hostel once - chances are they’ve heard it before, but they’ll still laugh and pat you assuredly on the back like their new favourite person.

Maybe let them off that last shot though as they’ve probably got to be back on the hostel front desk at some ungodly hour yet to come.

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Weekly Roundup: Nov 16 - 19

Welcome back to the weekly wind down of what’s been whipped up last week on Bingo Bar Crawl. If you’re unfamiliar with this crazy crawl through the heart of Budapest’s party district, you may be a bit confused. Is it game? Is it a bar crawl? Do the staff members wear sexy pink shirts? The answer is yes. To all three (I know you’re jealous of the shirts). We turn a bar crawl into a drinking game, where the more challenges you do, the more prizes you win. The added bonus: if you don’t want to do the challenges, you’re still guaranteed to make friends and get drunk.

And drunkenness there was aplenty this week. Challenges, 11, 16, 23, and 97 all require a shot to be taken. Whether it’s the bar’s strongest nectar or a shot of Unicum, there are various tasteful choices to send down your throat, and crawlers handled it like champions! Big mention to our little English lass who put away a shot of absinthe, 72% Tatratea and Palinka one after the other, 30 minutes after the power hour of unlimited drinks ended. With no vomit, and only a slight flinch. On the other hand, we had our mate Tom, who took a shot of absinthe, went off to vomit, forgot that he had completed the challenge, and so bought another shot and downed it! Proper commitment that.

Thinking back, drunken forgetfulness has been a key occurrence in this week’s showcase. We’ve had multiple people misplace their game card. In one such case, a lad sat on a table, flipping it and throwing himself and drinks everywhere. His mate, in true form, gave him a good teasing about it – only to sit down on a table afterwards and repeat the act with near perfect imitation. One guest did the nice thing and remembered to return a shot glass to a bar - the only problem was he returned it the totally wrong bar two hours later. And now for the runner up of the week: a staff challenge, which entailed bringing back a shoe, a jacket and a top from three different people. This really confused one poor guest who returned a minute later with a jacket and two guys, happily stating “They’re both from America.” Apparently she had forgotten the challenge straight away and improvised.

However, the winner of the week goes to our guest who, in good sporting fashion, ate his whole bingo card, (as opposed to just a bite), as his final challenge. He won the free All-You-Can-Drink Boat Party, which is the prize for any legends who finish. But the look of horror on his face when he ran around helplessly looking for his lost bingo card, nearly in tears, as he wanted to finish his final challenges but had ‘lost his card,’ was the true highlight of the night.

Other honorable mentions this week include the beautifully done impression of David Attenborough narrating the ‘mating ritual’ of a poor staff member merely going about their work.  One British boy drunkenly misread the tequila suicide challenge as a tequila sunrise challenge – those are two very, VERY different things. His punishment for finishing the tequila sunrise, due to said misreading, was a fair sentencing to suffer a tequila suicide. And finally, to our winners this week of t-shirts, shots and free parties: well done troops.

Because in the eternal words of many partiers –

“When life hands you lemons, bust out the salt and tequila!”.

And it's fully up to you whether you take it normally, or if you snort the salt and moisten your eyes with lemons. The key factors are that you have a good night with us and your fellow bingo players, remember as much as you can, and party the night away.

Love you all! And have a drink for us.

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