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Hungarian, 20

Dora has more energy than all of our staff combined. She is a local and currently a University student - but that doesn't slow her down. Find Dora literally bouncing off the walls on our crawls and get infected by her party vibes!


Hungarian/Scottish, 25

Dorina is as loose as they come. She'll never say no to a shot and she'll always say yes to a boogie on the dance floor. You can find her partying with you guys well after the crawl is over.


Australian, 21

Emma is the friendliest and most energetic one of the bunch. She always has a smile on her face and is our beer bong QUEEN (watch out)!


Croatian, 32

Ivana is the nicest girl you'll ever meet! But don't let that kind face distract you from her insane drinking abilities. She'll keep you safe and get you fucked up all at the same time.


Catalonian, 19

She may be the youngest on the team, but oh boy does this lady know how to show you a good time! Not only is she a barrel of smiles, she also loves a good boogie!


British, 21

Louis is always down for a shot (or multiple) and make sure everyone around him is always having a good time. You can find him out longggg after the pub crawl ends - still drinking away!



David has been living here for over 5 years and is an expert on the city. He has been to over 100 bars in Budapest, so you know he'll be taking you to his favorites!


Argentinian, 26

Martin is our loudest staff member and pub crawl manager - no question about it. Find him singing (screaming?) along to Spanish music, dancing even if there's no dance floor, and taking shot after shot.


German, 26

Nadine is always down for a big night out and knows the best venues in Budapest to party in. If she's managing your crawl, be ready for an unforgettable night!


British, 23

Mollie is the most energetic and friendly Brit you’ll ever meet. She’s always down for a laugh or a beer and will 100% be partying with you way after the bar crawl has ended! If you find her in the club.


Italian/Australian, 26

Yoyo (Michael) is our psy-trance king. He may look like a hippie but he can out-drink you without blinking an eye. He will go above and beyond to keep you guys safe and happy.


Canadian, 19

Sally, also known as the Buzzing Salamander, loves a good rave! Skills include: making a mean mac and cheese. If you can't find her at the bar you'll find her getting down on the dancefloor.


New Zealand, 28

Glen has been coming back and forth to Budapest for 3 years now. He is a professional partier and our resident webmaster and knows his way around the city! Hit him up for a drink or 10.


Hungarian/Serbian, 26

She loves turtles, can drink while doing a handstand AND can tell you everything you need to know about Budapest. If she's working on your crawl you're in for a wild night!


British, 24

Abby will make you laugh within the first 10 minutes of meeting her. She can drink, she can party and she'll make sure you'll have the best time. By the end of the night she'll be your best friend and it will feel like you've known her for years!


Australian/Estonian, 25

Jake is our most experienced pub crawl manager, as well as just a massive bag of laughs. He’s usually busy doing managerial things during the crawl, but will get involved with the challenges whenever he can!


Italian/USA, 26

This girl will be the reason you wake up with glitter on your cheek the morning after the pub crawl. She’s been with us for 2 years now and we hope she never ever leaves… so please don’t spontaneously motorboat her.


British/Finnish, 22

Iris is the craziest girl you'll ever meet! She can definitely out drink you and is the queen of drinking games. If Iris is leading your crawl, you're probably not going to remember the night!


Australian, 20

Ellen is our Aussie party girl who is always down for a big night out. She has loads of energy and you can find her taking shots and dancing.

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