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Weekly Roundup: Nov 9 - 12

Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-14 -Lars

I hope you have all had a great week of sinking pints by the dozen, accompanied by a casual but rewarding bottle of vino. Now that you’re thinking about alcohol, why not raid the fridge and quench that thirst that water just doesn’t quite nourish, and enjoy this weeks update of Bingo Bar Crawl.

This week has brought us some amazing groups who were definitely not shy about leaving their comfort zones and the rewards paid off! Of the three crawl groups, we have had four people win tickets to the ‘ALL you can drink’ Budapest Boat Party – done by completing all 25 challenges on their bingo cards – LEGENDS! On top of that, Saturday night was mayhem with more than 13 people on the crawl completing three lines on their card (over half the challenges), and three lines = three tokens = a free t-shirt. I hope they remember winning them (those of you who have played will agree with me – I doubt they remember. You’ve all been there).

Sunday night gave us a lovely group of English girls who very quickly brought out their fun-loving, wild side, and powered through the challenges and brought their own energy to bingo. Not only that, they helped initiate a creative way to complete challenge 12 - take a photo with ten people on the crawl – and we are keeping this on board for the future. Introducing … *global drum roll from all you at home please (don’t spill your elixir. I mean alcohol.)* … BUMS OUT FOR BINGO! Yes, you’ve guessed correct, get those cheeks out for a delectable snap of the kind of buns we all love. They then proceeded to flash everyone in the bar. Resulting in our shy guests who weren’t confident enough to complete challenge 77 (find someone with a nipple ring), sprinting to staff members to get it signed off. There was no encore unfortunately.

Now, getting more personal than tits out for the bar. My favourite challenge to this day remains challenge 70. Swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex for an hour. It’s brilliant. It’s entertaining. It encourages interacting. It’s awkward. And it can be very arousing. I mean amusing. Shit. Let’s pretend that never happened. Over the months I’ve had to swap tops with many girls, and for you guys out there intending to play or revisit the game, I have advice. I’ve worn crop tops, dresses, boob tubes and skirts (and though people laughed at me, I swear it’s because they wish they worked it as well as I did). But I have discovered the delicate touch on the skin that silky, open tops provide. So guys, when you have to swap clothes with a girl, hope for the breezy soft fabric that caresses the skin and allows fresh air to rejuvenate your soul (was that too descriptive?). Please bare in mind, shirt swapping is consensual and please don’t ruin each other's garments despite how physically pleasing they may be. Try it yourself and let me know. Otherwise, have no fear – wearing any form of girls clothing is going to be a lively, fun time, and will ultimately complete the challenge and earn yourself brownie points (or a shot). My advice for girls – you all look hot in guys clothing – it’s an unspoken global understanding. So embrace, enjoy and own it.

The people we have met this week has really given us a feel for why we love the job we do. We had a psychology professor celebrating her 40th birthday (let’s all have a drink to that!!), we’ve had university students, a stag group, doctors that cure cancer, solo travelers and groups – all who have time and had no problems embarrassing themselves, making friends, and drinking to a great time. The unity they show, and the willingness to enjoy a collective display of intoxication, is heartwarming and really brings people together. So a shout out to all past bingo players – thank you for keeping it interesting. And a shout out to all you future players – there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of embarrassment, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

And to leave you with a quote from a wise man Francis Fitzgerald –

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drinks takes you”

….and then you win Bingo!!


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