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Weekly Roundup: Nov 25

Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-29 -Lars

November in Europe has a lot of uncertainties.  It's in between seasons. Some leaves have fallen, others still cling on. Some people set up Christmas decorations accompanied by songs, others wait until December. The temperature starts to fall below freezing and it won't even snow - what's the point of it being that cold and it doesn't snow? Your body starts to prepare for the icicles hanging from your nose, and the relentless sneezing that follows. But there are two things I'm very certain about! (And no, it is not that a sneeze is an eighth of an orgasm, so if you sneeze 8 times you just orgasmed. That's immature.) Firstly, the holidays are right around the corner! And secondly, that Bingo Bar Crawl runs all year long and the crazy fun never stops - and this last week in November is no different. We've had travelers, students, and a few weekend warriors, join us in our hilarious, challenge-filled pub crawl here in Budapest. 
A common thought of Bingo players before it all begins is 'Oh God, I can't do all of these challenges'. Once the game has started, they realise they can, and they don't hold back. It's always so satisfying watching people leave their comfort zone (obviously an hour of unlimited beer, wine, and sangria really does help.) Even more so when their jaw drops as we tell them we've completed every challenge multiple times - they think we're fearless! (The reality is more that we are shameless. Don't tell our parents.) Now the majority of the challenges are not hard at all, they would've been removed if they were. But the pre-game jitters always rustle a few bones. So I would like to shout out to our new staff members who braved the game and ticked off the hardest. Watching the newbies fearlessly snort the salt and cry lemon juice for their tequila suicide, or receive a nice shower of water courtesy of the bar tenders is an amusing sight for us hardened old timers - it's a bit cruel for us to ask guests to do something we won't do ourselves isn't it. So you're not alone Bingo-ers, we've been through it all.
Actually, we are there more than you know. Not in a creepy way! But you can nearly always guarantee that when you join us on bingo, one of your fellow crawlers is a staff member having fun on their night off. It's as much fun for us as it is for you - maybe even more so as we know the challenges and it can be fun helping, competing against, and messing with guests. One girl had to ask two people for a threesome for her challenge, and unknowingly chose two staff members who played along and wound the poor girl up. She broke, spluttered out something about a 'dare book' telling her to do it and walked away blushing. Another cocky lass challenged a staff member in a boat race, swallowed an ice cube and fell over. Some people just can't handle competition. Her cousin nearly had a better night, but unfortunately got too excited and danced her pants off. Well, more accurately, danced so hard she put a massive rip through the back of them. It has to be mentioned that she took it like a champ and continued to party all night anyway.
Anybody wondering what to do for their winter holiday. Budapest should be at the top of your list. This amazing city really comes to life over the Christmas month, and our bar crawls are no different! Run through a bar pretending to be the Christmas unicorn, or pretend to be Santa's naughty elf. Bingo Bar Crawl will be alive, lively and busy, but waiting for you to join and get weird with us!


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