Weekly Roundup: Nov 30 - Dec 2

Weekly Roundup! | 2017-12-09 -Lars

Alright kids, in case you haven’t noticed, we have started December shenanigans. Here in Budapest, we embrace the snow for the coming festive season and invite you all to join in our hilarious challenges on Bingo Bar Crawl. What better way to spend your days closing in on Xmas by making friends, doing drunken feats and keeping yourself warm with a nice alcohol blanket.


So, if you’re planning on swinging by (which you should), please ensure you backpackers have included a sweatshirt or 3, and anyone on a stag do or hen’s night be certain you’ve packed gloves for everyone. We love partying in the snow as much as Santa does, but we want you to party with us every night – so no pulling out due the sniffles or man-flu. And the best part? You can be naughty or nice, you will win prizes regardless!


Though we do expect you guys to remember that we – the lovely workers in pink shirts- are there to help you. Not the group of guests who challenge you to drop a knee and down your drink in the middle of the road. Which means we (sexy pink shirts) must pull you out of the way of oncoming cars. Absolute liabilities. You won’t see any of the ruin bars from the hospital! Nor will you see them if you get bounced for being too drunk. Or sleeping in the bar. Or stealing shots. Some naughty people out who missed out on a good night. However, the good kind of naughty showed up with flying colours - really making the most of the dildos and ball gags we provide to sort the timid from the titans. Seeing girls strut around the club with a fake penis poking out from the trousers flirting with unknowing victims, a whole bachelorette party surrounding and spanking guys, and dirty dancing sets the mood for a great xxxmas bingo coming up.


Amongst the devils were a few angels that pulled through. An English trio performed a quickly put together performance of Backstreet Boys on stage to the Bride-to-be. Though the choreography was decidedly better than the singing (not that I can talk, my singing voice has been likened to a dying walrus – at least I rock the pink shirts, right?). Some good Samaritans donated all their coins to some cold homeless which received rewarding smiles (A little charity really makes it Christmas). And we had another Bingo Virginity popper!! One lucky lad who claims we hasn’t indulged in the ol’ naked bedroom wrestling was apparently taken care of by a lady friend that night. Christmas specials begun early this year!


So, if you want to get amongst our Christmas craziness you still have a few more weeks, and we are just getting started in the charging build up. A few times a week, free shots, unlimited beer wine and sangria for an hour, and challenges your friends will be jealous they missed await you here in Budapest. 


“Time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time” – Catherine Zaldonella


We will make sure your holidays are not wasted.


Happy Holidays from PartyBookers Budapest you animals.


Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-14 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 9 - 12

I hope you have all had a great week of sinking pints by the dozen, accompanied by a casual but rewarding bottle of vino. Now that you’re thinking about alcohol, why not raid the fridge and quench that thirst that water just doesn’t quite nourish, and enjoy this weeks update of Bingo Bar Crawl.

This week has brought us some amazing groups who were definitely not shy about leaving their comfort zones and the rewards paid off! Of the three crawl groups, we have had four people win tickets to the ‘ALL you can drink’ Budapest Boat Party – done by completing all 25 challenges on their bingo cards – LEGENDS! On top of that, Saturday night was mayhem with more than 13 people on the crawl completing three lines on their card (over half the challenges), and three lines = three tokens = a free t-shirt. I hope they remember winning them (those of you who have played will agree with me – I doubt they remember. You’ve all been there).

Sunday night gave us a lovely group of English girls who very quickly brought out their fun-loving, wild side, and powered through the challenges and brought their own energy to bingo. Not only that, they helped initiate a creative way to complete challenge 12 - take a photo with ten people on the crawl – and we are keeping this on board for the future. Introducing … *global drum roll from all you at home please (don’t spill your elixir. I mean alcohol.)* … BUMS OUT FOR BINGO! Yes, you’ve guessed correct, get those cheeks out for a delectable snap of the kind of buns we all love. They then proceeded to flash everyone in the bar. Resulting in our shy guests who weren’t confident enough to complete challenge 77 (find someone with a nipple ring), sprinting to staff members to get it signed off. There was no encore unfortunately.

Now, getting more personal than tits out for the bar. My favourite challenge to this day remains challenge 70. Swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex for an hour. It’s brilliant. It’s entertaining. It encourages interacting. It’s awkward. And it can be very arousing. I mean amusing. Shit. Let’s pretend that never happened. Over the months I’ve had to swap tops with many girls, and for you guys out there intending to play or revisit the game, I have advice. I’ve worn crop tops, dresses, boob tubes and skirts (and though people laughed at me, I swear it’s because they wish they worked it as well as I did). But I have discovered the delicate touch on the skin that silky, open tops provide. So guys, when you have to swap clothes with a girl, hope for the breezy soft fabric that caresses the skin and allows fresh air to rejuvenate your soul (was that too descriptive?). Please bare in mind, shirt swapping is consensual and please don’t ruin each other's garments despite how physically pleasing they may be. Try it yourself and let me know. Otherwise, have no fear – wearing any form of girls clothing is going to be a lively, fun time, and will ultimately complete the challenge and earn yourself brownie points (or a shot). My advice for girls – you all look hot in guys clothing – it’s an unspoken global understanding. So embrace, enjoy and own it.

The people we have met this week has really given us a feel for why we love the job we do. We had a psychology professor celebrating her 40th birthday (let’s all have a drink to that!!), we’ve had university students, a stag group, doctors that cure cancer, solo travelers and groups – all who have time and had no problems embarrassing themselves, making friends, and drinking to a great time. The unity they show, and the willingness to enjoy a collective display of intoxication, is heartwarming and really brings people together. So a shout out to all past bingo players – thank you for keeping it interesting. And a shout out to all you future players – there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of embarrassment, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

And to leave you with a quote from a wise man Francis Fitzgerald –

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drinks takes you”

….and then you win Bingo!!

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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-09 -Lars

Weekly Roundup: Nov 2 -5

Bingo Bar Crawl is a step forward in the bar crawl industry – giving out game booklets with 100 different challenges. The more challenges you do, the more friends you make, and the more prizes you win. Revolutionary! But we’ve taken it a slight step further and enhanced it beautifully with a simple, kinky addition of… swallow whatever is in your mouth right now as we don’t want wet electronics… Sex Toys!! Now that’s a good bar crawl. DISCLAIMER: Sex toys are not inserted into any body parts. So settle down wild child. To those of you sighing in disappointment, head out of the gutter please. Because no one can deny that watching someone run around a bar with a dildo stuck on their foreheads yelling “I’m a unicorn” is hilarious.

So yes, ladies, gentlemen, and bingo legends, this week was definitely the week of the dildo. Really sorts the big league winners from the middle tier players. Not to worry! If you can’t conduct an interview with a stranger using the dildo as a microphone, we still have plenty of other staff challenges for you, that hasn’t changed. However, the pleasure you get when you manage to put a smile on a bartender's face as you order a drink with the dildo plastered on your head, is rewarding enough as it is. Though the pleasure of having a dildo slapped across your face by your best mate, doesn’t have a leg to stand on compared to the pleasure of being the slapper. Especially when the dildo leaves a nice cock length red mark on your cheek. (Sorry about the challenge Tom, and you’re welcome Sarah).

Speaking of dildos. Quick shout out to our blue-haired, mermaid-looking staff member Mollie, (no, I’m not calling you a dildo, Mollie!), who was rather unnecessarily pushed into a bush on the crawl by a guest (dildo). Hope your dignity is restored Mollie. Also sorry that I missed it happen, might have to do it myself next time – you dildo (Mollie).

Continuing the topic of sex, we allow you eager partiers to show us videos and photos of challenges so we can cross them off. It’s sometimes easier and sometimes you want the memories on your phone – though you may delete them the next day, sober. But please take note of how many photos you are meaning to show us when you swipe through them! The naked truth is that was a staff member was rather startled when shown one swipe too many and saw a lot more than they were expecting!

Last little message before I sign out for this week. We love you all. We do. And after a crawl we enjoy talking to you all the next day and helping you piece together the end of the night! As after the crawl everyone does their own thing and we want to know what you did. There’s never a dull moment that follows our question of ‘How was your night?’. Standard responses range from “I got laid”, to “yeah, I vomited and don’t remember how I got home”. The general consensus being they had a great night. But our welsh lads really took the cake this week when two of the group woke up, no recollection of the night, and couldn’t find two of their boys anywhere. Now, I’ve been told no one knows what actually happened, and there were rumours flying around. But the end result was a phone call from the police station saying they had two welsh boys locked up overnight and needed help getting out. So everyone, please be responsible!

Anyhow. Fill up your drinks again, enjoy your morning commute, your lunch break, or your pregame -whatever you’re up to, and remember the eternal words spoken by a great man –

“I drink to make other people more interesting” – Ernest Hemingway,

and words spoken by a man not so great, (but my mum thinks I am),

“Let’s go get fucked up” – myself.

Bye bye gorgeous people!



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Weekly Roundup! | 2017-11-03 -Lars Roschman

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: October 26th - October 29th

PSA to all you banging Bingo Bar Crawl bashers.

Whether you’re a past, present, or a future hopeful guest, we at PartyBookers Budapest are pleased to announce a weekly rundown of the bar crawl shenanigans that ensued.


For those who are unfortunate enough to not know of the best bar crawl in the party capital of Europe – allow me to open your mind to a new world of bar crawls. Everyone loves drinking games to wet the throats and stimulate the brain (I think alcohol stimulates the brain? It must be good somehow. I think I read somewhere it does, but I don’t remember, I was drunk.) Its standard etiquette we all live by. However, we’ve turned the entire bar crawl into a drinking game. The perfect marriage for drinking, right!? The Idea of the game is to do as many fun, friendly, crazy and embarrassing challenges as you can over three bars. The more challenges you do, the more prizes you win. So if you want more free shots, or memorable t-shirts or even a free all you can drink Boat Party – get crazy and go hard.


As usual, this week’s bar crawls started off in the best way possible – the option of 1 hour of unlimited beer, wine and sangria. And we mean unlimited. With open access to the world's best social lubricant, coupled with staff encouraging you to do the drunk, crazy things you don’t want your parents to know about, it can only result in good times (if you remember them). Once the hour is up, do not panic, free shots are given at every place we visit, we can’t have you going sober now can we! As the nature of the crawl is to get everyone interacting and on a favourable point of the scale of intoxication, it’s bound to get messy and crazy.


You learn a lot about yourself and the world when you travel, we all know the feeling, it’s eye opening. And part of the experience is partying with strangers and having a great time. Partying while travelling will teach you lessons. And few lessons were definitely learnt this week.

For example, when you are finishing a drink while doing a handstand (challenge 92), take note of where you’ve put your phone. Our British friend made a perfect landing on his screen and shattered it – 3/10 for execution, 10/10 for stupidity. The colour drained from his face faster than he downed his drink that’s for sure! But well done for completing the challenge.


I learnt a personal lesson. That each person responds differently when someone jokes about how drunk they are. From experience, a typical response is a quick denial (sometimes drunkenly slurred) followed by a swift one fingered salute. A rather new response was witnessed when one of the sheilas on the crawl yelled ‘if I was drunk, would I be able to piggyback?’, while running at her friend and attempting to execute said piggyback. I had two problems with this. Firstly, how would getting your friend to transport you on her back prove you’re not drunk? I love alcohol fuelled logic. Secondly, they both STACKED IT, and I wasn’t allowed to laugh until I made sure they were both fine. They were, but I think the dignity took a solid hit, which they recovered from 5 minutes later with a free shot. Keep on gaming!


Onto some positives. Well done to the two crazy cats who finished their 25 challenges and subsequently winning bingo. Both champions finished in style – with markings on their face, drinks in their belly, and no recollection of how the night ended. Standard. A big shout out  for all the staff, working or not, for showing up fully decked out in dope Halloween attire and face paint. I felt slightly sorry for some of the guests with challenge 99 (lick a staff members face and say it tastes like daddy’s semen) as they may have had to lap up some fake blood and face paint, however it’s nothing a quick chaser won’t solve. And lastly, well done bingo-ers for listening to us and not being too loud on the streets. We’ve gone another week without angry old ladies yelling at us from their window, so that's a plus. Granted that's probably because it's cold as hell and their windows are all closed, but it’s always nice to respect the locals and the country you’re partying in.


I hope that you all have enjoyed reading and reminiscing about your own bingo crawls – or for you bingo babies, you’re looking forward to your own upcoming night of calamity. Stay tuned for next week’s edition of winter madness and guaranteed crazier stories of our favourite bar crawl.

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