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Weekly Roundup: Nov 30 - Dec 2

Weekly Roundup! | 2017-12-09 -Lars

Alright kids, in case you haven’t noticed, we have started December shenanigans. Here in Budapest, we embrace the snow for the coming festive season and invite you all to join in our hilarious challenges on Bingo Bar Crawl. What better way to spend your days closing in on Xmas by making friends, doing drunken feats and keeping yourself warm with a nice alcohol blanket.


So, if you’re planning on swinging by (which you should), please ensure you backpackers have included a sweatshirt or 3, and anyone on a stag do or hen’s night be certain you’ve packed gloves for everyone. We love partying in the snow as much as Santa does, but we want you to party with us every night – so no pulling out due the sniffles or man-flu. And the best part? You can be naughty or nice, you will win prizes regardless!


Though we do expect you guys to remember that we – the lovely workers in pink shirts- are there to help you. Not the group of guests who challenge you to drop a knee and down your drink in the middle of the road. Which means we (sexy pink shirts) must pull you out of the way of oncoming cars. Absolute liabilities. You won’t see any of the ruin bars from the hospital! Nor will you see them if you get bounced for being too drunk. Or sleeping in the bar. Or stealing shots. Some naughty people out who missed out on a good night. However, the good kind of naughty showed up with flying colours - really making the most of the dildos and ball gags we provide to sort the timid from the titans. Seeing girls strut around the club with a fake penis poking out from the trousers flirting with unknowing victims, a whole bachelorette party surrounding and spanking guys, and dirty dancing sets the mood for a great xxxmas bingo coming up.


Amongst the devils were a few angels that pulled through. An English trio performed a quickly put together performance of Backstreet Boys on stage to the Bride-to-be. Though the choreography was decidedly better than the singing (not that I can talk, my singing voice has been likened to a dying walrus – at least I rock the pink shirts, right?). Some good Samaritans donated all their coins to some cold homeless which received rewarding smiles (A little charity really makes it Christmas). And we had another Bingo Virginity popper!! One lucky lad who claims we hasn’t indulged in the ol’ naked bedroom wrestling was apparently taken care of by a lady friend that night. Christmas specials begun early this year!


So, if you want to get amongst our Christmas craziness you still have a few more weeks, and we are just getting started in the charging build up. A few times a week, free shots, unlimited beer wine and sangria for an hour, and challenges your friends will be jealous they missed await you here in Budapest. 


“Time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time” – Catherine Zaldonella


We will make sure your holidays are not wasted.


Happy Holidays from PartyBookers Budapest you animals.


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