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A Year in Review: BINGO LEGENDS

Weekly Roundup! | 2018-01-05 -Lars

All great events have a yearly recap of the best bits and stand out moments. Movies have the Oscars, football has the Puskas awards, and I have a whole collection of embarrassing moments, some of which were caught on tape. Today we are going to introduce the first bingo run down. Not so much awards, but definitely a great collection of highlights.
Before the recap though, a big thank you to everyone over the last year. It's been a phenomenal experience. Firstly, PartyBookers Budapest has flourished this year and shown a massive increase in size, reputation, and fun. We have had well over 20,000 of you amazing people come party with us this year and partake in the carnage and festivity on all of our events. I'm pretty sure you're all the reason why Hungary is the 8th largest consumer of alcohol. With around 30 staff members over the past year making all this possible, we have enjoyed every minute with you all and have made some fantastic friends we still keep in touch with. Secondly, Bingo Bar Crawl and Budapest Boat Party continue to grow in popularity and are rapidly becoming widespread and renowned events. This is mainly due to the capability of providing for all sorts of people - stag do's, bachelorette parties, solo travelers and groups alike can all easily and readily partake in the fun. Thirdly, we have many new exciting events and announcements to reveal in the new year that will without a doubt please all you backpackers and weekend warriors - new and returning.
Without further ado, here’s the first annual Best Bits of Bingo Bar Crawl  (yeah, I’m sure there’s a better title out there, suggestions welcome).
Naughty Nudes
Everyone loves showing a cheeky bit of skin and we have had a whole lot of it over the year on bingo.
A thanks is well deserved by all the boys and girls who got their kits off for various reasons - showing off those nipple piercings or swapping clothes with someone being the consistent occurrence - you've all made the world a happier place.
Glitter has been an ever growing trend, but it was brought to to a new high by some English girls who did the whole crawl topless with nothing but glitter covering their nipples. Daring and shiny. Needless to say, they were centre of attention. Who knows what glittery madness will grace us next summer!
The great naked speech done by Lloyd will not be forgotten by the timid group who got more than they bargained for. Standing up in Retox with his worm between his legs yelling he had a sex change was a great show. But when he bent over to pull his pants up again, he gave a very open show to the girls behind him. They saw what I can only imagine looked like two prunes falling out of a black hole.
A medal should be awarded to all the courageous and determined few who ripped everything off in the middle of a bar to do a shot naked and finish their cards. Boys braved the cold to reveal all and win a the all you can drink boat party, and the girls, well, braved the cold made the world a happier place again. Not sure where you pin medals on naked humans though. Could medal nipple piercings become a thing?
And a last mention to the boys who raced around the Grandio courtyard fully starkers to the cheers of all onlookers. The cheers grew exceptionally loud when one poor fella didn't understand the concept of slowing down for a corner, lost a fight against physics, and slid into a wall. Losing the race, but remembered it the next morning with a graze gracing his whole thigh.

Above and Beyond
There are always those who go that extra step to outdo and standout. Drunken glory tastes as good as the liquid that brings it.
We had a rather acrobatic group that brought a whole new level of daring to the 6 person pyramid. Making a 4 level structure of 17 humans. Let it be known no one was hurt in the making of this wonder.
In many movies and shows, there’s a lacrosse team that start something interesting. Personally I’ve never understood it. Until we had our own movie moment. A Dutch lacrosse team were a rather lusty bunch. Instead of making out with someone for as long as you can hold your breath, they decided to collectively make out with the entirety of the crawl. Starting an incestuous 10 minutes of partner swapping and a lot of tongue dancing.
Then comes the night of the red nipples. Of all the challenges to get carried away on, somehow leaving lipstick marks around someone’s nipples was a wave that didn't stop growing. Lipstick was shared, nipples were marked, and the sight of people kissing each others chests all through the bar was rather amusing.
So an easy tip - go hard or go home!!
Bingo Record Breakers
Amongst the craziness and candor, we have had some impressive bingo records broken.
Quick mention to our English lad Jack who joined bingo 7 times during his stay here. Completing 3 of them, remembering only a few and winning the All You Can Drink boat party twice. Come back next year bro! And to everyone else - beat that.
Special mention to all you who participated in the monstrous bar crawl we had when tickets sold out the day before the event. We had to raise capacity to accommodate all you hardcore partiers and ended saying 'Screw it lets see how big this bad boy gets'. The answer is 188 Bingoers. That’s a lot of crazy challenges being done in bars that struggled to maintain the legendary event. Next years crawl will be next level - make sure you're there!
People who have met my mother say she's amazing. Which is true. She has tried to impart that on me growing up and taught me to be modest. However sometimes modesty slips, especially when it comes to a bit of harmless gloating when guests think they're rapidly completing challenges. I get to look them in the eye and say 'Well, considering I finished my Bingo card in 20 minutes. You may want to move faster'. So yes, I'm proud of my 20 minute escapade completing Bingo. And I would love to shake the hand of the legend who ends up trumping it. So get playing!
Not everyone ends up completing all of their challenges in the three hours we give them. Whether it's because they don't want to, or that they rather watch other people do challenges instead. There’s nothing wrong with that! But our manager Adam came through with an impressive 72 challenges over the three hours. That’s nearly three bingo cards. That record is going to be hard to beat.
Drunken Delinquents 
Bingo and drunken acts go hand in hand like a pulling your blindfolded friend on a skateboard. You don't know what the experience will be like but you know there’s going to be an amazing outcome regardless. 
Trumping the challenge of faking an argument is one guest who got so drunk and menacing we had to politely ask him to leave the group for the safety of others. He was later seen punching and having a very real argument with someone on the street. Well, more precisely, a face on a poster in the street (how this happened I have no idea).
Lloyd comes through with another strong entry, getting kicked out of Ankert when he climbed the tree attempting to steal a lamp shade. He managed to get the lampshade off, but didn't manage to stay in the tree. He fell 2 and a half metres to the floor brandishing his prize above his head as he stood - more beautiful than any movie moment. Until 2 security guards escorted him out.
I think a mention is also needed for the boys who put a wooden pallet in front of the toilet door of the cubicle I was in. This resulted in me needing to climb over while they were in fits of laughter. My climbing was luckily better than their mate who stupidly entered the same stall after, and not surprisingly, got locked in by a pallet. Whilst attempting to escape to freedom, he fell, breaking his fall by submerging his leg fully into the toilet. He then turned to brute force - breaking the toilet door down. What a liability.
Well that brings us to a wrap of the year. With many memories been forgotten, too frequent or too hard to write about. We hope to see you in the coming year. There are huge things ahead! I promise. Bingo bar crawl will continue to bloom and you’ll regret not being part of it! So stay tuned! Budapest is a must do on your travel list.
I leave you with wise words you will never remember or care about after 5 seconds.
"NO, I'm not going to give you a quote for your stupid blog. Nobody likes you." - My manager Chris, he’s adorable really. I’ll shave his beard off while he sleeps though – stay tuned.
So yeah, come along and show me some love with a great party. Bring on the New Year!!


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