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A Complete Guide to Sex Shops in Budapest

Articles | 2018-04-02 -Tasha

Budapest is a city slowly making its name on the map. Already very popular for stag do’s and bachelorette parties due to the amount of bar crawls, boat parties and cheap alcohol. It is slowly becoming better known for travellers and backpackers as much more than a party city. The amazing sights, the food, the architecture and history all slowly coming on par with the nightlife. One aspect of the general cheap goods offered that always falls through the cracks, is what’s on offer from the numerous sex shops. They are not hard to spot, all around the city centre, are signs labelled ‘szex shop’, and I’ve decided to take a peak on the ones I pass frequently to determine what makes them different.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that although cheap, the prices of most items are very similar through the shops. So you can go into any shop feeling with near certainty you won’t get ripped off. But I can tell you more of what to expect when inside them to help your needs and fulfill your pleasures. We all know most of us struggle with being as kinky as we want to be while galavanting the globe whether it be with your partner or strangers, but these several places can help you lusty travellers.


Tutti Frutti

11 Dob Street

Located near the middle of the party district, convenient for drunken purchases, they like their DVDs as well as the kink. Hosting a variety of goodies from butt plugs (some I’m hoping are for display, as my bum clenched viciously at the sight of them) to gimp masks and whips to typical sex shop goods. They have the works and is an ideal shop to please a variety of kinks, though they do not really specialise in anything in particular - the range is fun. One reason a lot of people like Tutti Frutti is for their nice variety of leather polish, or more well known in the sex community as poppers. Inhale some fumes of those bad boys and loosen up all the holes accompanied by a pleasing headrush. So much room for activities! However, if you’re looking more for funny sexualized toys or games as presents say for secret santa or birthday gifts,Tutti Frutti might not be the place on Dob. They aren’t joking around when it comes to sex.

Tutti Frutti Nyugati Underpass

There is this magical place that we call Nyugati underpass. Essentially the metro underground at Nyugati stop right outside West End shopping center. There are discount shops, lots of food stalls, and rather handily a few sex shops down here. One such shop is a small version of Tutti Frutti. Their range is similar to its larger counterpart, but obviously due to its size, the selection is limited. However the range of cock rings, cock socks, and anything else to put on your friendly snake is for all preferences and sizes. An extra little addition to this shop is that they actually have a selection of hilarious gifts keeping in line with the whole Nyugati underground theme of providing gifts for everyone. So more just a convenient quick-stop sex-shop close to a large shopping centre.

Erogen Zona Nyugati Underpass

Of all the sex shops we have reviewed, this was definitely the most fun, party-based sex shop.

Open entrance into the shop provides a free look at all the party/ gift base novelty presents available. Sexy costumes, naked shot glasses, and elephant trunk underwear are only a few items that grace the shelves of this little gem of a shop for party presents. If hostels are having weird game nights, there are games ideal for a few nights of fun, and if some new friend has a birthday, all the funny toys and gadgets are very cheap and can fit into anyones travel bags. The shop also has a hilarious array of sexy dress up outfits and costumes. So if a game of never have I ever or other drinking games reveals two travellers with close kinks - there’s a bit of dress up for everyone. This store has no dvds, however, there is a small R18 room behind plastic curtains that contains goods of the strictly sexual nature. Again, due to the size the range is very standard and holds a limited amount of goods, but its nice that they provide devices and toys for individual pleasure or cooperative play.


69 Bad in Bed

This shop is the real deal. Very clean and organized. Even sleek lookin, kinda turned me on. Located on the Korut, it’s not too far from the city centre, but worth a look and easy to reach on the 4-6 tram. I went to get a vibrator there and believe I was there for 45 minutes debating between all the options they have to offer. One wall fully dedicated to a woman’s vibrating little friend. Anything from 4k to 30k, covering a huge variety in quality and designs. Anything from a bullet to a life size arm and fist for the very courageous ones out there. Not only that, anyones pleasures are sated with walls of butt plugs, clamps, bondage kits, hand cuffs, leashes, you name it! The front part of the store is spacious and home to a small range of DVDs, but more importantly for some, a nice range of adult clothing. Lots and lots of it. And sexy good quality stuff too. So if you forgot to pack your nice lingerie in your backpack, or you like the feel of soft fabric on your nipples (goes for you too guys) there’s something here.

Song Szexshop

This small shop is located right near the Oktogon, one of Budapest’s main centres. Easy access from the street opens up to a fun little shop. Amongst their large variety of strap on (again different sizes, shapes and even double sided), are fun gifts, fishnet outfits, videos, and toys. It has a bit of everything but just a bit less diverse than other, bigger shops. That being said, the sex games they have are hilarious - like butt plug ring toss, and you can easily find something fitting for a fellow traveller or partner (also tempting to purchase for myself). But more eye catching for myself - the range of bdsm toys, chains and gags. Having spoken to other travellers about what they’re into (granted this was drunken conversation) I could see how drunk purchases would be fun. Fun fact we bought some toys for our Bingo Car Crawl here. The DVD range was a bit small however, but the poppers there are a small part of extra goodies, behind the counter of course. It’s a convenient location for anyone in district 6, so I admit I go here more often than most shops because of that.

Szex Shop Kiraly

This store looked promising, however was more directed to a different audience. By this i mean, the DVD collection was huge, so not really for the usual backpacker, and upon a second trip to see if they had poppers and funny games, we discovered a more unusual room for the more... how to say... nightly guests? (If you have money for a honey to have some fun... in a room, if you know what I mean? Wink wink). Took me a bit by surprise when a older man with a stack of cash walked in with scantily dressed young gal cut me in line and exchanged that cash for a fancy looking key and hurried to the back rooms. Kinky. However I did find poppers though! The range on toys and vibrators was small, but they did have a lot of remote control, wireless devices - that’s a bit of fun for a travelling couple or a soon-to-be-wed. I did notice a range of cock-rings, with interesting designs on some. Overall a nice shop, but not targeted for backpackers.

Happy shopping you kinky travelers!


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