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Monthly Roundup: June 2018

Weekly Roundup! | 2018-07-09 -Lars

Bingo stops for no one and has been successfully running over the winter, warming up to welcome you this summer with more shenanigans. The blog will be up and running through the summer to recap the memories and moments of those who don’t remember and probably won’t want to. For those of you with hazy memories, or havent had the chance to play Budapest’s original drinking game pub crawl - here’s a quick run down.

While enjoying three ruin bars in the heart of the party district, guests will go through as many of the 25 challenges found on their personal bingo card as they can to win prizes and make friends while making a fool of themselves at the same time. There is a possible of 100 challenges in the booklet to ensure no one is doing to much of the same- just to keep it spicy.

The only way to see the challenges for themselves is to obviously come and experience the unique game by itself, but through these blogs you’ll get a pleasant insight.

The first big thing to mention, PartyBookers Budapest (the parent company of Bingo Bar Crawl) celebrated its 5th birthday!! And celebrated in true PartyBookers style. With all the staff playing the game, we had our first ever person to finish all 100 challenges in the three hours - our staff member Yoyo blew through the challenges and had time to spare. Take a bow you fearless human. That being said; well done to all the guests who tried to compete in good humour- many of them walked away with brand new t-shirts (a prize for completing three lines of challenges.) The more bingo’s you get the more you win!

With the introduction of new and improved challenges, and our staff getting creative with their own personal challenges, bingo is getting more wacky and wild. But don't worry! It's not impossible to do them. Every night we have people who successfully outdo the other crawlers and finish first- winning themselves free boat parties and party bus tours. And it's been a great ride for us staff seeing it happen.

For example, we had the most completions of Challenge 9 one day - find a person with an arse tattoo - as 4 individuals on the crawl had inked buttocks. That means there exists 4 very proud mothers out there. And some very entertained bar guests who witnessed the unexpected display of art.

Included in the frey were 8 people who went through with what I personally feel is the the best challenge on bingo. Swap shirts with someone in the opposite sex for 30 minutes. Not many challenges encompass fun, inspires socialising, and pushes comfort zones like switching your kit in the middle of the bar and strut your stuff in baggy t-shirts or your first time in a dress. Just be sure to be wearing your own clothes when water is involved.

A little irish friend decided she would let the bartender throw water over her (Challenge 95) while wearing a fellow crawl members shirt, returning it a few minutes later to make us laugh with the look of shock on the Aussies face as he held the soaking shirt. In a rather amusing misunderstanding, one of our favourite bartenders got the wrong end of a challenge, where instead of throwing a drink of water over a guest, said guest thought it was reversed and doused the beer pourer in a healthy coat of aqua. Good thing it’s summer now so it turned into a refreshing joke.

This was a short reprise of how the whole game works. Cool, right? It is a definite must if you are coming to Budapest and a great way to see ruin bars, get drunk, make friends and do something a little silly. So hens and stags, lone wanderers and groupies, I look forward to seeing you here soon. In the meantime, wait for the recap where more stories will be shared and tales told. Make sure to get in fast, we’re selling out more often!


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