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The Best Bars for Winter Drinking

Articles | 2018-10-11 -Jake

What a summer we have all just had! Although the warm embrace of the sun is slowly dying down, Budapest is already starting to adjust its bars to winter wonderlands (correction: alcoholic-lands *) and it's time to all admit - it's gonna get cold. Fortunately once again we've got your back, and these are just a taste of what Budapest has to offer in the winter.



Right in the middle of Budapest's party district and right at the foot of the famous Gozsdu Street lies Lampas. Underground and almost speakeasy style, you'll find yourself closing the heavy metal door behind you as you enter the candle lit and cave like cozy bar. Regular live music is held here and can become quite busy with locals and expats. This really is a hidden gem that not a lot of backpackers can say they have seen. Check it out!

360 BAR


If you've ever looked into sunny rooftop bars with a view in Budapest, 360 Bar has probably come up. But wait this article is about winter bars right? This rooftop establishment has decided to continue through the winter months, and setup igloo-like structures around their tables and chairs. Patrons can now look over the snowy city without the fear of frostbite, and with the comfort of cocktails. If you are thinking of checking this out, be sure to make a reservation, because it sometimes fills up!


It’s cold out there so better warm up! Located on Nagy Diofa Utca, this surprisingly unique bar will cater to all your needs. Without a drink list, the specialised bartenders tailor your cocktail to your drink preferences. Tell them what you’re into and they’ll make something up for you. Its bars like this that get you through the winter and get you into the night. Great spot for pre-gaming and great spot for small groups!


Drinking, dancing and movies. Depending on the time of day you come to this one, you could find yourself warming up at the bar and watching a movie, or dancing the night away after it transforms from cinema to night club. Regular viewings of newly released films and local djs spinning the decks creates a diverse atmosphere for lovers of film and dance. Another great place to visit in the winter on a snowy day before hitting the town or even as a date!


Craft beer and tattoos. The buzzing sound of tattoo guns and laughter upstairs. Maybe stand up comedy or live music downstairs. Edison is a great spot to spend a winter day drinking quality beer with quality service. With both local and expat staff this truly is a place for all (well, maybe not you stag-dos). The vintage interior is pleasantly reminiscent of an older time and will make you feel as though you are waiting out a blizzard in the saloon. So take your time, there’s plenty of beer to try!


Sometimes simply going anywhere with heating to escape the cold just isn't enough. Anyone can go buy a cheap ass heater and stick it in the corner- éook just a little bit harder and you will see what a bar can really do to make you feel warm and cozy during the winter. Then again maybe it’s just a beer blanket. What do we know right?


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